City Charter Amendment Election May 4, 2024

Charter Amendment Election Set for May 4, 2024:


Daingerfield voters will choose wheather or not to amend the City's Charter during a special election held May 4, 2024.

In the Winter of 2023, the City Council appointed a Charter Review Commission made up of 7 residents. The charge of the commission was to review the City Charter for any needed changes as they saw fit, or consider recommended changes from City Council or staff as being in conflict with current state and/or federal laws, or city policy.

During their meeting on Monday February 12, 2024, the City Council approved an ordinance to hold a Charter Election on May 4 in conjunction with the election for Mayor At Large, Councilmemer At Large, and Councilmember At Large. The proposed amendments will be listed on the ballot as Propositions 1 through 12. Voters will have the option to vote "for" or "against" each proposition. State law does not allow for the amendments to be consolidated into fewer propostions.

It is important to vote the entire ballot.

The City Charter is like the constitution of the City; it establishes the general powers, duties, and administrative structure of the City. The Charter cannot be changed by the City Council, but only by a majority vote of the qualified voters who live within the city limits of the City of Daingerfield. The City of Daingerfield Charter was adopted in 1980 and has never been amended.